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Child-Directed Learning

Child-Directed, Tech-Enabled Learning Provides an Opportunity For All Children to Learn

What is Child-Directed, Tech-Enabled Learning?

Children drive their own learning, at their own pace, using software that provides a complete, research-based curriculum. Adults play a supportive, facilitative role. The software is delivered to the learner on a portable tablet device, without connectivity, and charged by solar power or other appropriate energy source.

Child-directed, tech-enabled learning programs enable learning anytime, anywhere

Learning Here
Learners use portable devices that do not require Internet connectivity for use. The devices are charged using solar or alternative power source. Each learner also uses headphones plugged into the device.
Children own and drive their own learning at their own pace. Children use the tablets for 30-60 minutes per day.
Human Touch:
An adult plays a facilitative role to support the child
Learning Anywhere
Implement the solution to serve children anywhere - in school, in a community center, or at home
Learners use thoughtfully designed open-source software that has a research-based curriculum and pedagogy in the child’s language of instruction or global language

Why Child-Directed, Tech-Enabled Learning?


With millions of children out of school, this model can provide every child, everywhere access to learning.


Best-in-class software provides a complete, research-based curriculum that empowers learners to become literate and numerate with little to no adult instruction. The program adapts to each child’s pace, progress, and cultural and linguistic context.


It is estimated to take 100 years and billions of dollars for children in developing countries to achieve the education levels of those in developed countries. Similar to skipping the step of laying landlines and going directly to cellular, let’s leapfrog the cost and time to build schools and go directly to child-directed, tech-enabled learning. We will always rely on adults, including teachers, to provide support.