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Results & Impact

Helping Children Achieve Their Full Potential

A two-year randomized controlled trial (RCT) with children in Malawi showed significant learning impacts in literacy and math despite multiple disruptions due to COVID.

4.2 months

of additional literacy learning after 13 months of disrupted schooling due to COVID


attained emergent or fluent mathematics status after 13 months


Both boys and girls had similarly positive results


more children advanced on national literacy benchmarks


I like it because the children do not mess around…We are learning how to read and write. I like to learn.

Standard 2 learner

This work is important because the students learn so much more. Retention of students goes up and the dropout rates decrease. Learners are more motivated and more confident about their learning. And this is especially important for the girls — to keep them in school and give them full access to literacy and mathematics.

Head Teacher

Now our kids can say the alphabet and are better at math. The program reduces stress because they come to learn instead of staying at home.

Parent of out-of-school children

I like learning numbers. I like drawing. I like everything. I want more time on the tablet.

Standard 2 Learner

I have seen an improvement in attendance and a decrease in lateness. We are lucky that this intervention is improving attendance.

Head Teacher

Now my child can read some texts meant for [grade] 6 or 7 children because of the program. When he comes home, he teaches other children about reading.

Parent of primary school child

I am learning to read. I like listening and am excited to come to the learning center. My classmates want to be in the program.

Standard 2 Learner

We want the program to continue…there is desire to expand the program to higher [grade levels] so the most kids can benefit.

Parent on the Student Management Committee

In the classroom, learning can be difficult, but in the learning center, it is simpler because [children] can learn at their own pace. Children who are part of the program are able to grasp content more quickly compared to other children who were not part of the program.

Teacher and Learning Center

Looking at what the children are able to do now, they are an example for others in the school.

Chairperson of the Mother’s Group

In the program, you will see that all the children are intelligent. They are their own teachers on the tablets.

Pastor Desire, leader of Integrity School

The innovation has lessened our work because learners are grasping concepts in less time.


We were excited when we first heard about the program because we understand that the world is changing and that this is the future.

Parent on the Student Management Committee