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Imagine Worldwide
Photo Credits

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

All photos courtesy of Jjumba Martin for Imagine Worldwide unless otherwise noted.

Additional photo credits to the following organizations and individuals:


  • History page: Q3 2021 photo
  • Ghana site page photos

Catholic Relief Services

  • Burkina Faso site page photos

Counterpart International

  • Senegal site page photos

Global Learning XPRIZE

  • About Us page: Our Solution graphic, right photo
  • History page: May 2019 photo
  • Child-Centered Learning page: Our Solution graphic, right photo

International Rescue Committee

  • Bangladesh site page photos
  • Tanzania site page photos


  • Malawi page: State of Education, background photo
  • Child-Directed Learning/Our Role pages: Software photo

Open Up Resources

  • United States site page photos

Rising Academy Network

  • History page: Q1 2021 photo
  • Sierra Leone site page photos
  • Liberia site page photos

Susan Colby

  • History page: April 2019 photo
  • Partners page: Banner photo
  • Partner with us page: Our Ideal Partner photo
  • Join Our Staff page: Banner photo