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Focused on Learning for All Kids


Imagine Worldwide partners with governments, organizations, and communities to provide child-directed, tech-enabled learning that is accessible, effective, and affordable

What We Do

Building Evidence

Imagine Worldwide is committed to ensuring the efficacy of our program. Through a variety of research methods, including randomized controlled trials (RCTs), quasi-experimental designs, action research, and mixed-method quantitative and qualitative research, we have built an evidence base that has consistently shown significant positive impacts on learning in a variety of settings and contexts.

As we conclude our initial efficacy research phase, we are shifting to conducting systematic implementation research to understand the barriers to and enablers of quality implementation as we expand in different locales. Our research will also support continuous improvement of the software, in collaboration with partner onebillion, to increase the impact of the software overall and for more children.

Supporting Scale

Imagine enables sustainable scale. We work with governments, communities, partners, and funders in a series of coordinated phases to build capacity, evidence, and a smooth transition to government ownership of the learning program over time. We support our implementation partners with the tools, systems, and processes needed for success at scale, as well as mobilize funding for high-quality implementations. 

Shaping Solutions

Imagine Worldwide works to improve the impact of existing learning software and optimize hardware/infrastructure by sharing with the field our research findings and lessons from our implementation partners. We also stimulate the ecosystem to increase the number of high-quality, affordable learning solutions available for the children we serve.