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Serving children at government-run primary schools

Imagine partnered with Afrikids on a four-school pilot, providing tablet-based instruction to children in grades 1-4, and we have since expanded to working together in 16 schools, serving nearly 5,000 students.

We also partnered with Rising Academy Network to launch a four-school pilot in January 2023, and have since expanded to 15 schools.

Talensi, Ghana

Talensi, Binduri, Moagduri, and Builsa South Districts across Upper East and North East Regions
Serving children through a center-based learning program designed for grades 1 to 4 in four primary schools.

Implementation Partner:

Current Students: 2,692

Current Sites: 16

Accra, Ghana

Greater Accra and Central Region
Imagine partnered with Rising Academy Network to launch a five-school pilot in January 2023, expanding to 10 schools in September 2023.

Implementation Partner:
Rising Academy Network-Ghana

Current Students: 568

Current Sites: 10

Ghana Impact At a Glance

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Early Pilots and Evidence-Building in Ghana
Primary schools in ghana

We served children through a center-based learning program designed for grades 1 to 4 in four primary schools

  • Location: Talensi, Ghana
  • Curriculum and Language of Instruction: Math and Literacy (in English)
  • Research Focus: How well is the delivery model working? How suitable is the intervention for learners at the different grade levels?
  • Type of Study: Implementation Study

The pilot, in partnership with Afrikids, has reached over 700 children across the initial four schools. This pilot was critical for testing and building out scale models in new contexts and directly led to expansion plans to serve thousands of children in 2023.

State of Education in Ghana

Nearly 623,500 children of primary school age are not enrolled in primary school and 25% of children ages four to five are not in preschool.

Ghana has made great strides in the education space, with the youth literacy rate jumping from 71 to 86 percent between 2000 and 2010, and the gross enrollment rate in secondary education increasing from 57 percent in 2012 to 73 percent in 2017. However, Ghana’s education system continues to struggle with a shortage of trained teachers, poor learning outcomes despite increased enrollment rates and disparities between rural and urban regions.

Population (2019): 30.4 million

Population under age of 15 (2016): 39%

Pre-primary age children not enrolled in kindergarten: 25%

Those illiterate in 15-24 year age range: 434,946

Ratio of pre-primary teachers to students: 39:1

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