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Out-of-school site in Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is a refugee camp in Bangladesh hosting over 900,000 Rohingya displaced people.

In partnership with the International Rescue Committee (IRC), we’re testing the delivery of an at-home tablet-based learning program for new arrivals who typically have very limited access to high quality education programs and services, especially at the beginning of an emergency.

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Cox’s Bazar

Serving out-of-school children through a home-based learning program designed for grades 1, 2, and 3.

  • Location: Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
  • Curriculum and language of instruction: Math and Literacy (taught in Rohingya language and English)
  • Research Focus: What delivery model best serves out-of-school children in emergency crisis situations?
  • Type of Study: Implementation study followed by a proof-of-concept randomized controlled trial
The Faces of Bangladesh
State of Education in Cox’s Bazar

Only 27% of children and youth in Cox’s Bazar have access to learning opportunities.

To date, over 900,000 Rohingya have fled violence in Myanmar to Cox’s Bazar, a district in Bangladesh, and rely almost entirely on humanitarian aid. Over half of those who fled are children or adolescents. The majority of children do not have access to learning opportunities, but those who do experience crowded classrooms with mixed learning levels and few qualified teachers.

Displaced population: 900,000+

Percent of children and adolescents: 50%+

Percent of children enrolled in learning opportunities: 27%


In Cox’s Bazar Refugee Camp, over 600 children have participated in our joint program with the International Rescue Committee. In partnership, we plan to bring this program to thousands of children who are in need of access to learning opportunities in the camp.

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