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Imagine Worldwide

Child-directed tablet-based learning: Toolkits for project design, preparation, and implementation

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As COVID-19 has disrupted education worldwide, more organizations and governments are thinking about using tablet-based learning to provide access to education. Tablet-based learning empowers learners to build skills and knowledge through the use of technology. Children direct their own learning, using high-quality, research-based software curriculum on a tablet. We recognize that designing and implementing tablet-based learning programs can be challenging. Therefore, we documented our learnings from implementations in Bangladesh, Malawi, and the United Kingdom to provide information to organizations, from non-governmental organizations to Ministries of Education, interested in designing and implementing their own tablet-based learning programs. We hope that these toolkits provide your organization guidance to deliver programs that improve learning outcomes for learners in your community and around the world.

There are three toolkits available covering the following topics:

  1. Project Design
  2. Project Preparation
  3. Project Launch, Monitoring, and Improvement

These toolkits were authored by Imagine Worldwide, Professor Nicola Pitchford (University of Nottingham), and Voluntary Service Overseas.

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